6 Best Premium Giveaway Ideas For Customers

6 Best Premium Giveaway Ideas For CustomersImage Source:

Looking for Premium giveaways for customers (ของ พ รี เมี่ ยม แจก ลูกค้า; which is the term in Thai)? Don’t worry much. The article will present you with some affordable corporate gift ideas for your business. So, let’s know about them.

  • Money Tree

The money tree is considered a symbol of good luck. The tree comes with a braided trunk under a canopy of leaves that expands after a time. It could be used as the perfect desktop adornment that can also tolerate a wide range of conditions. But it needs indirect sunlight with a slight shade of humidity.

  • Mugs That Bring Memories

Mugs can be a fantastic gift idea for customers. Apart from that, it is found that customers love the customized gift cups. Write some witty messages there or customize them with pictures to celebrate any special memory. Your customers can design it themselves using a mug designer tool on your website.

  • Jewelry

There are no perfect alternatives to jewelry as Premium giveaways for customers, especially when you have a woman customer. However, you can also customize your gift with a locket, or birthstone to make it timeless for every occasion. You can purchase different types of pieces of jewelry for your male and female clients and customize them as per their choice.

  • Gourmet Food Basket

Food is one of the most famous and universally appreciated gifts. You can say it also falls into the category of luxury items which means the clients understand that you value their business. Just add a personalized message inside of the box to strengthen the relationship.

  • Branded Keychains

Branded keychains are one of the most sought-after personalized gifts that everyone prefers. Gifting a keychain with your brand name can be a fantastic idea to remind someone about your business. These keychains are perfect for you if you want something easy to customize about affordable customer gift items.

  • Books

In the world, no gift is alterable with books. Giving a book to your customer means to give them a vacation from their busy lifestyle. It makes them complete with knowledge. So, find a book based on your customer preference and wrap it to present it to your customer.


The above-mentioned corporate gifts will make your customers appreciate and feel valued. Hopefully, you have found the right Premium giveaways for customers So, what to worry about? Purchase, customize it and deliver it to someone who contributes to your earning.

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