What Are Double Eyelids?

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The number of folds on the eyelid is one distinguishing trait that differs from individual to the next. If the out-fold crease of your eyelids is visible, you have double eyelid. Contrast this with monolids, or only one eyelid, which do not have a crease. If you have two eyelids, it’s in your genes. You can have two eyelids surgically removed if you want. The lack of a crease on one’s eyelid can obstruct one’s eyesight, or the patient may desire this procedure for aesthetic reasons.

A Double Eyelid: What Is It?

If your upper eyelid creases, you have two eyelids. The appearance of two eyelids is considered attractive to some, especially in Asian cultures.

It just takes a single copy of the dominant gene for this trait to manifest in a kid. Conversely, a kid born without an eyelid crease will inherit the recessive gene responsible for monoids.

Minimal double or monolid eyelids are present in around half of the Asian population.

Many Asian Americans, along with those from China, Korea, Vietnam, and Singapore, have opted for the cosmetic procedure of double eyelid surgery.

Considerations for Double Eyelid Surgery

Cosmetic and practical goals both justify double eyelid (ตา 2 ชั้น, which is the term in Thai) surgery.

From a purely aesthetic standpoint, people can choose to get eyelid surgery to achieve the appearance of double eyelids instead of just one.

Another reason people choose to have surgery to lift their eyelids is the aging process, which causes a natural decline in skin elasticity and collagen.

When this happens, the eyelid may dip to a point that blocks your vision. Therefore, if one or more of the eyelids are sagging, it may be necessary to have eyelid surgery to restore proper eyesight.

Criteria for Approval

There are a few things to keep in mind while trying to determine if you are a good candidate for eyelid surgery

There shouldn’t be any serious problems with your health.

There shouldn’t be anything preventing or slowing your recovery.

Stop smoking immediately.

The outcome you aim for ought to be reasonable.

It would help if you were free of any significant eye issues.

Those considering double eyelid surgery should be aware that an excessively high crease might make the eyes seem unnatural.

Before surgery, discuss your expectations, face structure, and eye shape with your doctor.


Visible double wrinkles on the eyelids are known as double eyelids. One common reason people get double eyelid surgery is to change their look by adding a crease to their natural eyelid folds.

Before deciding whether this operation is appropriate for you, it’s a good idea to talk to an experienced plastic surgeon and your eye doctor about the benefits and risks.

Nonsurgical methods also exist to achieve the appearance of double eyelids. So, having one or two eyelids is totally normal and does not indicate a medical condition.

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